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We are truly proud to announce that for the first time, we will make the competition "Baltic OCR Championships 2024", consisting of three stages each in a different country:

-          1st stage, July 20, Lithuania, Gargždai "OCR Garždai"

-          2nd stage, August 4, Estonia, Lähte, "Vägilase jooks"

-          3rd stage, September 22, Latvia, Riga, "Patria Race".

 We will find out the strongest Baltic OCR athletes in the following age groups:

-          athletes younger than 20 years

-          21-34 years old

-          35-44 years and +45 years.

You can register for each stage through the organizers' websites.  Moreover, the best athlete in each age group will be awarded in the final stage in Riga.

 See you in the first Baltic championships stage in Gargždai, Lithuania on July 21!

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